How Automation Can Benefit Local Governments

Across the country, cities are struggling to do more with less. The coronavirus crisis demands more of cities than ever before at a time when cities are experiencing unprecedented interruptions to their revenue streams. To engage their citizens effectively during this pandemic, cities need to simultaneously generate new revenue and streamline their services.

Luckily, there is one innovative solution that does both, as Christy Cato, our vice president of Tax Administration, explains in her latest op-ed for GCN. That solution is automated revenue management. By improving the efficiency of daily operations while cutting costs and enhancing the tax-paying experience, automated revenue management reaps huge rewards for governments and constituents alike. On top of that, most automation processes are self-funding and pay for themselves within a matter of months.

In her op-ed, Christy Cato outlines just some of the way that automation can transform business-as-usual. Automation has always been on the horizon for government, and there’s no question that automation will define the future of work in both the public and private spheres. But COVID-19 makes the need for automation all the more pressing. By automating now, local governments can make the best out of the challenges they face today and emerge stronger to face tomorrow.

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