Avenu and SAFEbuilt Team Up to Help Government Customers Recover from COVID-19 Economic Impact

Avenu Insights & Analytics (Avenu) and SAFEbuilt, a community development services company, have entered into a strategic alliance to provide local government customers a unique revenue enhancement assessment tool. This alliance seeks to help local governments rebuild and recover from this national pandemic.

This project has been driven by two simple and critical goals: Create a tool to help the two companies’ 4,000 state and local government customers recover from near term budget pressures and to help them find new revenue opportunities.

The strategic alliance brings together the skills of two of the nation’s most innovative service providers to state and local governments. Avenu provides compliance auditing, revenue discovery, and tax administration, as well as market leading software and an analytics platform that automates and streamlines administration functions, from digitizing building plans to a variety of records management functions. SAFEbuilt has worked with more than 1,100 communities nationwide to supply transformative building, infrastructure, and maintenance solutions along with other professional services to build safer and more modern communities.

“Both Avenu and SAFEbuilt are in the business of serving local governments and communities,” said Avenu CEO Paul Colangelo “Amid the current COVID-19 crisis, our customers need solutions that can help get them on an economic road to recovery now. This partnership affords our customers with a wider array of solutions to help them with today’s unprecedented challenges.”

SAFEbuilt Chief Revenue Officer Joe DeRosa said it’s a natural fit for the two companies’ customers: “Our companies share similar values and culture. We are both dedicated to creating innovative solutions that increase the success of the cities and counties where we live and work. Our objective is to help our customers exit this pandemic in a data-driven, growth-oriented manner that makes them stronger than they were before.  Working with Avenu allows us to introduce best-in-class solutions to our customers with the goal of enabling better and smarter short- and long-term growth.”

About SAFEbuilt

Founded in 1992, SAFEbuilt supports municipal governments and public and private corporations with community transformation services, including expert and professional community development, infrastructure, and maintenance services to over 1,100 communities across 24 states. SAFEbuilt offers customized solutions that are built to fit their client’s development needs including stabilizing budgets, maximizing efficiencies, improving customer services, and adaptable staffing. To learn more, visit www.safebuilt.com.

About Avenu Insights & Analytics

As a leading provider in State and Local government solutions, Avenu has partnered with over 3,000 State and Local governments to boost revenue, optimize operations, and reduce costs. Avenu provides revenue enhancement and administrative solutions that uncover new sources of untapped revenue and deliver software that streamlines day-to-day operations. State and local governments partner with Avenu to increase revenue without raising taxes, streamline internal operations, and improve services by enhancing connectivity for constituents. Avenu is a portfolio company of Mill Point Capital. To learn more, visit www.avenuinsights.com.

Media Contact: Corinne Aycock, Avenu Marketing Manager, (Avenu) (703) 863-1366