Maximizing Your Local Government Revenue

During an unprecedented pandemic, local governments are facing unplanned budgetary pressures. Revenue forecasts constantly change, services are being reviewed, employees are being furloughed, and localities are looking for ways to save money.

“Doing more with less,” has gone from a goal to a necessity. Constituents continue to have heightened customer service expectations and want an up-to-date experience when interacting with their governments. What “was” an acceptable customer service experience for taxpayers 10 years ago is no longer adequate and governments across the country will be forced to consider ways to automate processes to keep up with constituent demand.

The challenge for local government leaders is that while the pressure to maximize revenue has increased, the resources to do so have not. Often, local government revenue leaders are spread thin with expanded responsibilities and decreased budgets and headcounts.

So, what is a local government revenue leader to do?

A partner who can utilize external expertise and experience is key to maximizing revenue. Finding a qualified partner is usually the best option for local governments because it is by far the most efficient and cost-effective way to get the job done. The ideal partner will be able to hit the ground running and DO much or most of the work for a local government.

Our recent guide enables jurisdictions to understand what to look for in a revenue enhancement partner:

  • Differentiating factors when considering a Revenue Enhancement solution
  • Four core revenue functions that drive revenue maximization
  • Benefits to taxpayer education and compliance
  • Ways to automate and enhance the revenue collection process

During this challenging time, Avenu is here to support you and help your jurisdiction continue to provide exceptional services to your community!