What Can Additional Revenue Do for Your Jurisdiction?

Jurisdictions face ever increasing demands for services from the community. Whether it is additional police officers, teachers, mental health services, new schools, or other local demands, funding these priorities is a challenge. Avenu’s Discovery Recovery program supports localities in generating additional revenue without raising taxes. Our budget-neutral approach means no fees are charged until we discover and recover revenue for your local government.

Most cities and counties lack the resources and tools to identify non-compliant citizens and businesses, yet they require the tax and fee revenue more than ever to pay for essential programs and services.

Partnering with a firm that leverages data and analytics to identify areas on noncompliance can help local jurisdictions discover and recover uncollected revenue.

Discovery & Recovery: Finding Uncollected Revenue walks your jurisdiction through our proven three-step process to help recover additional revenue. We also share recent case study examples from some of our successful customer experiences. Examples include:

  • Garden City, GA, generated more than $72,000 in unexpected revenue.
  • Vestavia Hills, AL, recovered nearly $1.67 million in lost revenue.
  • Richmond, CA, collected more than $2.2 million in new revenue with an expected $360,000 in ongoing annual additional revenue.

Learn how your jurisdiction can discover additional revenue without raising taxes and provide additional services for the community.

Contact us today for a complimentary review to learn how much revenue your jurisdiction is missing.