2020 End of Year Tax Forms (U.S. & Canada)

W-2s (U.S. Only) – 2020 W-2s will be mailed out to employee’s home addresses no later than the week of January 25th in addition to being available electronically by accessing your ADP Account, select MYSELF > PAY > ANNUAL STATEMENTS.  If you have difficulties accessing your account, contact ADP MyLife Advisors at 855-547-8508 (M-F, 8am-11:20pm EST) or MyLifeAdvisor@adp.com.

T4 Forms (Canada Only) – T4 (RL-1 for Quebec) forms will be available no later than February 26th. Employees who are registered into Total Access will be able to download an electronic copy of the form to file their Income Tax returns.  Those who are not registered, will get a paper copy delivered at their home address HR has on file.