Clearview Analytics Supercharges Government’s Economic Development Insight

What if there was a tool to identify disposable income in a certain map grid? Or the number of competitive or complementary businesses within a specific geo area? Your economic development team would have a strong advantage in attracting new businesses to your city.

That tool now exists…Using powerful analytic tools and traffic service data provided by Esri’s ArcGIS. Avenu’s Clearview Analytics Economic Development Insights (EDI) tool helps cities and counties remove the guessing when it comes to planning for your jurisdiction’s future.

With real-time unique views of revenue and demographic data, Clearview EDI enables site selection, development planning, and policy analysis – all based on minutes spent driving or walking a certain radius.

Additional features include:

  • Predictive analytics, offering understanding of revenue based on past performance and choices
  • Utilization of demographic data to assess market-fit for businesses
  • Analysis of drive times to determine the market-basin for a potential site
  • Before-and-after views of tax revenues to see the impact of policy decisions

For a limited time, Avenu is offering a 6 MONTH FREE TRIAL of Clearview EDI for your jurisdiction.

Sign up today and within 30 days of receiving your jurisdictions data you will have full access to Clearview EDI!