Avenu Insights Joins Coalition Letter Requesting the Governor’s Signature on SB 5

Avenu joins its California client cities, transportation authorities, mayors, business leaders and other local government leaders requesting the Governor’s signature on SB 5.

SB 5 is sound policy and will allow the state to fill the void left by the elimination of redevelopment and provide more tools to support local efforts to build more affordable housing, provide essential infrastructure, and create opportunities in underserved communities.

“On behalf of a broad coalition of labor, local government, housing advocates, and business leaders, we ask that you sign Senate Bill 5 (Beall, McGuire, Portantino). SB 5 is the only legislation passed this year that will immediately result in housing being built, particularly for low-income families and those on the brink of homelessness.

Senate Bill 5 would create the Affordable Housing and Community Development Program to provide cities and counties the resources they need to help fund the construction of affordable housing, including rental housing, available to very low, low and moderate-income families. This bill would stimulate housing for those particularly vulnerable to homelessness.”

The full coalition letter can be read here.