Webinar: How Governments Manage the Digital Deluge of Records

Anyone with responsibility for managing vital, land, historic and other public records in local government knows the challenges. Processing a growing volume of new documents and making the best use of older ones takes technology, expertise and storage space.

Plymouth County, Massachusetts is one jurisdiction that has figured out the right balance between needs and resources. Gain insight into ways the Plymouth:

– Preserved deteriorating, historic records from the founding of the first colony

– Improved searchability, discoverability and document access

– Accommodated statutory requirements for records management

– Reduced archiving space needs, risk from disasters, and costs

Avenu’s Digital Processing Services include the digitization of an unlimited number of documents in any format, size, and condition.

We then create a secure digital archive that seamlessly integrates with your current systems and workflows, keeping all your documents up-to-date for public and professional use. Increase efficiency across legal proceedings, government decisions, and more with blazing-fast, easy -to-navigate access to your entire archive of digitized documents.

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