Avenu Adds History-Preservation Capability

Book Preservation Eliminates Risk of Losing Critical Records

Avenu Insights & Analytics (Avenu) now provides a book preservation service so that local governments can maintain their public records for historical, legal and administrative purposes.

The company created this new service because city and county customers have stressed the need to maintain original paper copies of vital, historical and official public records. Land records, maps and plats, and even deeds, marriage licenses and birth certificates deteriorate from public use or the chemicals in inks.

“We have customers whose records go back to the founding of the country,” says Paul Colangelo, CEO of Avenu. “Those books often have broken bindings, torn pages and other damage, and they need to be repaired so that jurisdictions can maintain and access their history.”

Book preservation is part of Avenu’s Digital Processing Services, which supports state and local government with film duplication, document storage, imaging, indexing, transcription, redaction, and Digital Magic to restore documents. This offering, together with the compliance requirements and workflows of Avenu’s Records Management Solution, ensures that governments have one answer to the challenges of retaining their past and using it to plan for their future.