Avenu Announces Clearview for Local Governments

Insight & Analytics Solution Informs Revenue-based Decisions

Avenu has released Clearview, a software solution that allows local governments to deeply understand the data behind their revenue sources. With this context, city and county leadership make more informed decisions about spending, budgeting and policy.

Clearview’s graphic displays and geographic overlays show revenue streams from multiple tax types and explain when and why revenue shifts. If a large retailer exits a jurisdiction, for example, Clearview identifies the change and its impact on sales tax revenue at the category and sector level. Real-time data and the ability to run what-if analyses also demonstrate the effect of specific taxpayer changes and options for enhancing revenue.

“Clearview fills an immediate need for local governments challenged by increasing liabilities and other budget-consuming requirements,” says Paul Colangelo, CEO of Avenu. “They need better insight into what’s driving their revenue and trends among local businesses or business categories. With this they can anticipate changes and make adjustments as necessary.”

Through its graphic displays and geographic overlays, Clearview communicates details about revenue. This visualization helps managers and finance directors draw fast conclusions about their revenue data instead of trying to form assumptions from multiple spreadsheets. Another benefit of the solution will be pinpointing areas suitable for development and investment.

Customers testing Clearview placed the highest value on features including:

  • Views of revenue trends and causes over any period
  • Comparisons of performance to other cities (net cash)
  • Identifications of cash anomalies and cash distribution summaries
  • Summaries of data by business category and segment
  • Exports of data & visualizations
  • Details of individual monthly/quarterly taxpayer data
  • Use of heat maps and forecasting using advanced statistical models
  • Identification, tracking and reporting on specific geographic areas