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Revenue enhancement

We’ll help you uncover new sources of revenue today, plus ensure greater compliance moving forward.

What customers are saying

“The Plymouth County Registry of Deeds is the guardian of historical and modern land records from the Pilgrims to the present. It was wonderful to have a trusted source and partner in Avenu to preserve our nation’s history for future generations.”

John Buckley, Register of Deeds

Plymouth County, MA

“The biggest long-term benefits will come in the way of time savings, cost savings, self-sufficiency, and efficiencies that will allow staff to better meet deadlines and focus on more important constituent-based tasks.”

Angelina “Angel” Colonneso, Manatee County Clerk

Manatee County, FL

“The ability to file electronically has allowed attorneys to file at their convenience and not try to squeeze in filings before the courthouse closes. Our employees are much happier because their stress level is reduced and the County is saving money”

Van Sturdivant, Chief Administrative Officer

Shelby County, TN

“This is the best IT Team the city has had in 24 years of outsourcing.”

Anne Ambrose, Director of Administrative Services

City of Palmdale, CA

“Avenu’s central role in administering Garden City’s occupational tax program allows us to optimize our finance department staff levels, and it has introduced a level of efficiency that continues to generate cost savings.”

Ronald Felder, P.E., City Manager

Garden City, GA

“We were facing a significant budget gap a few years ago and knew we had to quickly find new revenue… So, when Avenu came along with a proposal to find and collect Business License tax on a contingency basis we knew this was a no brainer.”

Antonio Banuelos, City Manager

Richmond, CA

“Avenu’s tools and expertise enable us to identify and take advantage of new revenue opportunities — leading to improved operations and sound economic development decisions.”

Jeff Downes, City Manager

Vestavia Hills, AL

“We have added more than $130 million to our general fund from recovered sales tax revenue. On top of that, Avenu’s data insights help me deliver more accurate budget forecasts.”

Dat Vu, Administrative Officer

City of San Jose, CA

“Avenu’s professionals understand ordinances and cable franchise agreements. They identified fee shortages and negotiated a settlement for the full amount of underreported revenue.”

Hope C. Tribble, Performance Director

City of Indianapolis, IN

“Avenu’s work in document preservation is exceptional. 12 years later we still turn to Avenu for converting critical and frail documents to modern digital formats.”

Susan Thomas, Clerk

Harrison County, WV

Case Studies

Norfolk, Virginia
Norfolk, Virginia

How the Norfolk Circuit Court Increased its Jury Response Rate from 36% to 80%.

Plymouth County, Massachusetts
Plymouth County, Massachusetts

How America’s famous colony is preparing for the next 400 years

A relationship built on partnership.

Why do so many city, county, and state officials choose Avenu to provide predictable revenue and operational expertise?

Because they know we’re a partner who communicates openly — both with them and their citizens — to create transparency and accomplish more together.

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