EZ Transparency

Make it easier to follow the money.

Citizens expect full access to data showing where their money is being spent. The problem? Most taxpayers aren’t equipped to understand deep accounting data.

Clear the confusion with EZ Transparency. Avenu’s streamlined software provides reader-friendly charts and quick insights into capital improvement plans, general funds, and more, making budgets more accessible for taxpayers and city officials alike.

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Complete Clarity

Quickly visualize relevant data with one-click graphs and focused insights, all built into an intuitive interface.

Continual Updates

Stay informed — EZ Transparency updates data with the latest budget information as it is released.

Helpful Metrics

Gauge the health of the municipality with an overview of debt per capita, average city wages, and more.

Our Approach

Avenu works closely with local officials to identify, recover, and capitalize on untapped revenue for governments of all sizes.

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Discovery & Recovery

Boost your revenue with a customized analysis that identifies untapped taxes and licenses.


Compliance Auditing

Get a comprehensive audit specific to your region, backed by ongoing support for business compliance.